Guess Who

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We had MANY guesses, with the most popular being “Kim Wood” (c’mon people, that would be waaay too easy.) Pops did play back in the day, but not before face masks.)

This is actually Burt Reynolds — yes, The Bandit himself — back when he was a star halfback for Florida State University. Golf claps to our good friend Jerome Learman who sent in the correct answer.

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University of Michigan Football Strength Clinic

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Over 180 coaches attended the 2013 Michigan Football Strength and Conditioning clinic, and this spring the staff will be hosting their second annual clinic on Saturday, April 12th in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The cost per person is $50 for online registration, $60 for walk-ups. Speakers will include experts in the industry and vendors from across the nation.

Date: April 12th, 2014

Location: Schembechler Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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The Speed Bull Rush with James Harrison

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The “Bull Rush” is a simple move that every high school player in the country knows… the interesting angle that Mr. Harrison provides in this short clip (and that I don’t believe I have ever seen coached) is the plant and “turn” on the third or fifth step.  Hand placement could be a little better, but otherwise, this tip has interesting possibilities…

Vince Lombardi Teaches the Power Sweep

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Successful football begins with sound fundamentals. The great Vince Lombardi won multiple championships on a handful of basic plays, run to perfection. Of these, the most famous is the power sweep explained here. The ideal situation for a coach is when the defense knows exactly what play is coming…when it’s coming…and how it’s coming…but STILL can’t stop it.

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