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This year we are going to put our “FOOTBALL STRENGTH CLINIC” on the shelf…WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE THE CLINIC.

We feel we had outstanding football strength clinics for the past six years and we received great response from many football coaches and strength coaches and those interested in the future of the game. We always had great attendance and very good reviews from the national media … we feel we more than “scratched the surface” in making FOOTBALL a safer game. We sincerely thank everyone who came to the FOOTBALL STRENGTH CLINICS and supported us.

But at the same time we always felt that we were “out-siders” … we felt that the great amount of football coaches and football strength coaches (at All levels) didn’t care about properly preparing their players for the “violence level of the game.” We appealed to the “stewards of football” and found very few who cared about what happened to the young men who played the game.

We are going to study what is going on …we are fighters …and we certainly haven’t given up. We realize that in many circles FOOTBALL is just another part of our society where “people use other people … until they use them up … and they don’t care about the long-term health effects that the players will encounter…”

To us FOOTBALL is a very special experience…and an experience that should have great value for all who play it … but to play the game young men must be properly prepared. There will always be risks in contact sports … but those risks should be held to a minimum … and player safety (especially long-term player safety) should be a PRIORITY…


STRENGTH CLINIC #1 … an announcement

We also feel that STRENGTH TRAINING has very few “responsible stewards”… and tragically, very few “teachers” who know and can teach “the basics” … This summer we will hold a small “STRENGTH” clinic in Cincinnati on July 22nd… The venue for the clinic is small and can fit no more than fifty people. The clinic is FREE but only to “Gold-Level members” of “The Iron League”… A yearly GOLD membership to The Iron League costs $137. To get tickets one must speak directly to either John Wood or Kim Wood. We think of this clinic as kind of a “Chautauqua” where concerned and learned people get together to inter-act and identify the basic elements of STRENGTH TRAINING. We envision a clinic very different from any attempted.. Only serious “students of the strength game” should think of attending this clinic.

STRENGTH CLINIC #1 — July 22nd 2017, Cincinnati, Ohio
clinic is to be held at The Mini-Micro Cinema
(1329 Main St., Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio)
JOHN WOOD … e-mail:

More information on “The Iron League” can be found here

‘I Feel Lost. I Feel Like a Child’: The Complicated Decline of Nick Buoniconti

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From tough-guy captain of the Dolphins’ perfect team to driven force behind the nation’s premier spinal-cord research program, Nick Buoniconti was always in charge, always on top. Now, as his body and mind succumb to the ravages of football, he and his loved ones are left angry, confused and grasping to understand… read more >>>

Lawsuit alleges PIAA failed to protect students from concussions

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Many of Pennsylvania’s 350,000 junior and senior high school athletes likely have experienced severe concussions and the kind of lingering effects three Lawrence County high school athletes had to endure, according to a class-action lawsuit claiming negligence against the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. Read More…

Iowa schools brace for impact of concussion lawsuits

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A former Bedford athlete now spends his days in a wheelchair, the lingering result of head injuries he believes occurred because of playing football three years ago.

Kacey Strough, now 18, received nearly $1 million from a U.S. District Court in Des Moines on May 11. A jury found the school district at fault because the school nurse was negligent in notifying coaches and Strough’s guardian of a possible concussion.

It’s the first case of a former Iowa athlete receiving such damages from a school, but it’s likely not the last… MORE >>>

Study of Retirees Links Youth Football to Brain Problems

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A new study of N.F.L. retirees found that those who began playing tackle football when they were younger than 12 years old had a higher risk of developing memory and thinking problems later in life.

The study, published in the medical journal Neurology by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine, was based on tests given to 42 former N.F.L. players, ages 41 to 65, who had experienced cognitive problems for at least six months. Half the players started playing tackle football before age 12, and the other half began at 12 or older.

Those former N.F.L. players who started playing before 12 years old performed “significantly worse” on every test measure after accounting for the total number of years played and the age of the players when they took the tests. Those players recalled fewer words from a list they had learned 15 minutes earlier, and their mental flexibility was diminished compared with players who began playing tackle football at 12 or older.

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